A Few New Things

By Rebecca Gramdorf

A Few New Things

It is planning season, and shortly we will be starting seeds here at Small Wheel Farm.  The new season has us excited about all the growth our farm has seen in the  last year.  We both expanded production and made some needed infrastructure upgrades.  Our barn is finally coming together thanks to some hard-core contractors who showed up to work during the polar vortex: attaching the greenhouse framing and starting work on interior walls during negative 20 degree weather.  While we will have to start the earliest seeds in the house again this year, I expect we will have the greenhouse finished and water available in early spring--when there simply isn't room downstairs for any more plants.

Other new things include plans to break open new fields this summer, and most exciting of all--hiring an employee and some CSA worker shares.  The business is getting big enough that it is more than just I can handle--which is exciting.  I crave the company of another human during the farm season, and I am finally confident  that the farm can afford it.  Check out our employment page if you are interested!

Best wishes, and stay warm!

Farmer Rebecca