By Rebecca Gramdorf


Seeding has finally started here at Small Wheel Farm.  We are doing it in the basement under grow lights, and I'm pretty pleased with the setup.  I have a homemade potting bench where I can sift and mix soil as well as a table for creating soil blocks and seeding.  I am grateful for the indoor setup as it means Peter and I didn't have to figure out the logistics of heating a greenhouse this year, nor did we have to madly repair our hoop house after it blew down at the beginning of March--days before our first seeds were scheduled to be planted.  We have managed to cat-proof the seedlings (important, as Lopi loves to eat potted plants), and the fact that the seeding area doubles as Peter's weight room means that I have incentive to keep it tidy.

Farm logistics continue to get ironed out as the farm season gets started.  The hoop house was definitely an unexpected setback, but regardless, we are rolling ahead.  Rolls of eight foot deer fence arrived in the mail this week, and just today I unload eleven boxes of fence posts---heavier than hell, and managing to carry them into our garage by myself by making my arm into a teeter-totter fulcrum.  Our new garage is starting to collect a nice collection of farm supplies--including two sizable garden carts that I assembled earlier in the month.  

Able to move things around the farm? Check.

Able to start seeds?  Check.

Protection from Deer and neighborhood dogs? Check.

Some days it seems like the farm is moving in slow motion toward the summer growing season.  We are making progress, however, and before we know it beds will be formed and we will be planting our fields.